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Products and Services

The wide range of elevator products cater for both commercial and residential needs and are customizable as per customer's request. Solutions range from traditional designs with a machine room to new designs without machine rooms. Both available with traction or hydraulic solutions.

Our products are supplied by I.G.V. and Sicor, leaders in their respective fields in the elevator world.

A team of engineers is available to suggest solutions and recomendations, whether for a new building or seeking solutions for pre-existing buildings.

Maintenance Contracts

An elevator is only as good as its maintenance and all our maintenance contracts are backed by:


Renovation puts new life into old elevators but more importantly updates the safety of old equipment to the newer standards. This would ensure a more reliable service from your elevator and reduces the risk of liability due to faulty equipment. Our engineers are available to evaluate and recommend what may require updating and renovating. Why compromise the safety of your family and customers with old and faulty equipment.


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